TurtleTree ready to commercialize Human Lactoferrin as first major product

TurtleTree, the pioneer of cell-based milk, is now preparing for the launch of its first commercially scalable product. Human Lactoferrin lately also referred to as pink gold because of it’s amazing properties for boosting immunity, resistance to infections and fighting off bad bacteria.

Milk is a very complex evolutionary fluid with millions of different molecules in it. While it will take several years before cell-based whole milk passes regulatory requirements, TurtleTree has chosen to be commercially focused by exploring deeper into the field of milk ingredients. There are highly beneficial and valuable proteins and complex sugars in milk that can be scaled into existing nutritional products much sooner.

Max Rye, Chief Strategist of TurtleTree shares “We have been able to identify early commercial ingredient targets due to our frequent conversations with prominent  performance nutrition and infant formula companies. We’ve since seen tremendous interest from global partners in our portfolio of human and bovine milk products. It is going to be an exciting year for us.”

Lactoferrin has been gaining significant traction recently in studies showing it’s value in boosting resistance to infections from blocking Covid-19 virus to fighting off bad bacteria in the gut and viral infections. Lactoferrin is an important compound for babies’ early protection, with its concentration in human milk is 5 times higher than in cow milk, while human colostrum has the highest amount of 5-6g/L.

Besides providing protection, lactoferrin also plays an important role in brain development and inflammation responses. Gaining traction for adult and senior health, today it is used for treating stomach and intestinal ulcers, diarrhea, hepatitis C and regulating the way the body processes iron.

Today’s lactoferrin is derived from cow milk,  now TurtleTree’s cell based technology has recreated the human-optimized protein from the blueprint of human milk and makes it more accessible to everyone.

TurtleTree’s mission has always been about nourishing our people and being kind to the planet. And we are now very excited to bring to the world our first product that is better-for-you without relying on cattle farming.