Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins Summit Review

1,000+ future focused leaders from 40 countries joined us for two days of live interactive sessions, small-group networking discussions and 1-1 business meetings. 

With so many insights – we’ve selected some of the standout observations below. The platform is still live until July 23, so you can follow up with new connections, reach out to anyone you missed via the 1-1 video meeting system, and watch the content on demand whenever it suits you.

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We hope you can join us next time at Future Food-Tech on September 30-October 1 at a summit dedicated to scaling solutions in personal health and nutrition security.

Relive the action!

Opening Keynote

Global Opportunities in the Pursuit of Sustainable Protein Cooperation

“There is an urgent need for mankind to adopt alternative proteins on a huge scale. Quorn Foods alone cannot feed the world – it is going to take dozens if not hundred of companies like ours.

There is a huge and important opportunity for new partnerships and opportunities to accelerate innovation and collaboration.”

Marco Bertacca, CEO, QUORN FOODS

Paying it Forward:

Paying it Forward: Venture Capital and the Future of Protein

“It’s a great time to be in this space because we can make a change and we have to make change. There is a revolution going on right now. Everybody is joining arms in this fight.”

Sean O’Sullivan, General Managing Partner, SOSV

Reinventing Protein

Opportunities and Challenges with Microbial Fermentation Scale-Up

“Ultimately the technology we are scaling can be deployed in any region, in any climate, any season, day or night, rain or shine and that’s one of the advantages of going over to a process that is making the core ingredients for food and ultimately making that food with a process that uses our carbon negative fermentation. The scalability is significant and we’re looking to get to 10 billion people by 2050.”


Raising the Steaks

Recreating the Experience of Whole-Cuts

“The advantage of cell culture is that we have a better chance of getting something that appeals to the mainstream consumer on the whole cuts level. Cell culture has the potential to become nutritionally identical in a much easier fashion”

Michael Selden, Co-Founder and CEO, FINLESS FOODS

Chiefs of Marketing

Increasing Adoption Through Storytelling and Unified Communication

“We have to feel a connection to a story and story telling is a powerful tool we have as marketers. At Nature’s Fynd, we have a very unique story. We leverage our story both with our investors as well as consumers. There are four aspects to our story that really resonate: naturality, healthiness, sustainability and versatility.”

Karuna Rawal, CMO, NATURE’S FYND

Innovation Challenges

Umiami was crowned the winner

“We saw a fantastic array of entries for the Quorn Innovation Challenge and getting to a short-list certainly wasn’t easy. Umiami’s idea stood out due to their focus on technical solutions that address the key consumer-innovation challenges around whole cuts. We look forward to collaborating with Umiami to truly delight consumers.”

Simone Sheehan, Head of Consumer and Sensory Science, QUORN FOODS

NotCo was crowned the winner

“NotCo demonstrated its strong understanding of consumers’ expectations, combined with an innovative technology to unlock the potential of nature. By using artificial intelligence, it brings gastronomy into a new era. We are thrilled to move forward together with our customers in the quest for exciting new gastronomic experiences.”

Jeremy Burks, EVP, ROQUETTE

Crystal Ball Session

What Does the Protein Aisle Look Like in 2030?

“If you bring the best capabilities together, you can move mountains. This whole notion of collaboration is critical. We are excited about this space, the consumer is taking us there and the pandemic has accelerated the trend.”

Rene Lammers, EVP and Chief R&D Officer, PEPSICO

Developing Our Plant Based Ecosystem

Fireside Chat: Collaborating to Develop Our Plant Based Ecosystem

“We need partners, it takes a village and we wouldn’t be here without the partners that we have. Ingredion has been a big part of the equation, so I encourage everyone, whether you are starting out or growing your company to work with partners such as Ingredion because they know how to support you along the way.”

Mike Natale, Global Leader of Plant Based Proteins, INGREDION


Scaling Alternative Proteins in Asia

“Speed to market is critical. Many start-ups have the challenge that after they raise funds they waste time trying to find a place they could operate in and making it fit for purpose. Time is gold at this stage. As stakeholders in the ecosystem we have a role and an opportunity to put infrastructure in place that will catalyze some of these innovations.”

Geraldine Goh, Director, Enterprise Development Group, TEMASEK

Chef’s Table

Supporting Food Service Partners and Retailers Through Food Design and Culinary Innovation

“When entering a new retailer or food service partner, curating the experience is absolutely necessary. Offering a tasting experience is critical to acceptance and understanding the plant-based space that can still represent seafood in taste and texture. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible.”

Chad Sarno, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer, GOOD CATCH

Step-Up to the Plate

Live Cooking Demo

“We are creating the next generation of seafood without the environmental and ethical consequences. Our plant-based seafood honors the ocean and doesn’t take anything away from it.”

Jacek Prus, Founder and CEO, KULEANA

Optimal Nutrition

Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Plant-Derived Ingredients

“Whether you’re talking about lentils, yellow peas, chickpeas you’ve got to think holistically about the supply chain in order to create the opportunities and then collaborate carefully and closely with CPGs and downstream companies who are marketing the products to customers. If we cant get to scale with some of these new and really exciting  possible ingredient solutions we will be held back on the full potential that exists in the category.”


Plant-Based Ice Cream

When Science Meets Brands

“It is our belief that when you get the science of formulation right, get the microstructure from plant-proteins absolutely right and when you marry this with great chefmanship for wonderful recipes and when you democratize through big brands we will see even more explosive growth in the plant-based ice cream market.”

Matt Close, EVP Global Ice Cream, UNILEVER

Dairy Deep Dive

Accelerating Innovation in Cheese

“We went into this thinking this was a food-tech venture, talking about science and technology but ultimately we realized people don’t want to eat tech. Chefs are really important in guiding the craftmanship, knowing what people want to eat and putting their stamp of approval on the fact that this is something that tastes good.”

Sorosh Tavakoli, Co-Founder and CEO, STOCKELD DREAMERY

Scaling Plant Protein Sources

Scaling the Plant Protein Sources of Tomorrow

“We’re on a mission to show what good can look like for fermentation. I can see continued innovation and there’s going to be a breadth of sources of protein within the market to draw upon.”

Andrew Spicer, Founder and CEO, ALGENUITY

Democratization of Plant-Based Foods

Jumping the Chasm

“From a personal perspective I am more than willing to do anything that will accelerate the availability and competitiveness of plant-based foods across the board.”

Pat Brown, Founder and CEO, IMPOSSIBLE FOODS

ESG and Institutional Investment

Providing Growth Financing for a Maturing Sector

“The future of food is here and it is evolving at a very rapid pace. The global food system needs to reinvent itself.”

Lily Trager, Director of Impact Investing, MORGAN STANLEY

A Sustainable Protein Future

Building a Sustainable Protein Future

“There’s a secondary company I’ve been very involved in, it’s not in the cultured meat field, but it’s something that’s really going to help cultured meat, plant-based meat and a lot of other food companies to bring their products to the world. I am super excited about the company, but right now it’s in stealth mode, so I can’t name it.”

Uma Valeti, Founder and CEO, UPSIDE FOODS

Space Workshop

Food for the Next Frontier

“It is really challenging to provide a food system that everyone wants to consume when you are in a closed system. We have to make sure that with what we are providing for the crew, they can find what they want to eat. Food needs to be easy and quick to eat in a micro-gravity environment.”

Grace Douglas, Lead Scientist – Advanced Food Technology, NASA

Audience Polls

If you had to bet on one alternative protein technology for long term scalability and adoption, which would it be?

What is your main reason for purchasing alternative products?

Will alternative proteins surpass the traditional meat market in terms of sales by 2030?

What is your main priority for 2021?

Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the virtual Future Food-Tech Alternative Protein Summit on June 22-23:

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