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Future Food-Tech Announces Innovation Challenges in Partnership with Quorn Foods and Roquette

Food-Tech Start-Ups Invited to Submit Solutions in Mimicking Whole Cuts and Delivering Unique Gastronomic Experiences.

Future Food-Tech has announced two Innovation Challenges in partnership with Quorn Foods and Roquette to unlock new talent within the industry and enable opportunities for collaboration.

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN UNTIL MAY 7: The Innovation Challenges offer food-tech innovators from around the world the opportunity to showcase their solutions in mimicking whole cuts and delivering unique gastronomic experiences.

SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS: After an in-depth shortlisting process, selected finalists will pitch their solution to the challenge partners and global audience during the live-streamed virtual Future Food-Tech Summit on June 22-23, 2021.

Apply now at:

Oliver Katz, Conference Producer for the Future Food-Tech series hosted by Rethink Events, said “We’re delighted to be working with Quorn Foods and Roquette to launch these Innovation Challenges to stimulate new solutions to the most pressing issues facing today’s food producers, and give start-ups the opportunity to partner with corporate leaders to scale their innovations. I can’t wait to learn about new solutions from ambitious innovators and how they propose to tackle two major challenges facing the future of food.”

QUORN FOODS CHALLENGE: Technologies Helping to Achieve a Poultry Whole Muscle Food Experience

Using mycoprotein or other sustainable, natural ingredients, Quorn Foods is looking for companies leveraging technology to create realistic poultry whole muscle shapes, textures and flavours.

Companies applying could be delivering a full product or addressing one of the key challenges associated with creating a whole cut, plant-based experience.

The products could be cooked in a range of ways such as in casseroles, grilled or roasted, or could be eaten as a chilled, deli-style product.

Tim Ingmire, SVP R&D at Quorn Foods says: “As the original pioneer of alternative protein, and leading global meat-free brand, we recognize the importance of creating delicious, nutritious food that supports the adoption of more sustainable diets. Building on our leading position in chicken analogues we’re looking for breakthroughs to allow us to mimic the experience of cooking with whole chicken cuts.”

ROQUETTE CHALLENGE: Plant-Based Products Offering New Gastronomic Experiences to the Consumer

As a pioneer in plant proteins, Roquette is looking to collaborate and innovate with product companies developing new foods that will contribute to a new plant-based gastronomy.

These new cuisines will offer new tastes, textures and whole new gastronomic experiences, using plant-based ingredients that are better for people and for the planet.

Roquette looks forward to seeing a dazzling array of new cuisines, and to collaborating with food innovators to help them get to market faster. Categories encompass plant-based meat, dairy, drinks, nutrition and bakery.

Sergio Neves, Head of Open Innovation at Roquette says: “As a key supplier of alternative proteins, we see a tremendous opportunity for a food revolution with plant-based food. To enable this revolution requires a new generation of creative food entrepreneurs in a new food ecosystem. Thanks to this Future Food-Tech challenge, we aim to highlight companies that will create novel and differentiated plant-based food & nutrition products and shape this future food ecosystem.”


Join Sergio Neves of Roquette and Adam Kemsley and Simone Sheehan of Quorn Foods on Tuesday, April 20 as they co-host a free live webinar, discussing their innovation challenges and answering questions from the live online audience ahead of the submission deadline on May 7.

The webinar is open to all – sign up now at: