In June 2021, we connected global food leaders to map out the future of protein


Tuesday June 22

Networking Lobby

Grab a coffee and head to the virtual lobby to meet and network in small groups before the summit begins.

Opening Remarks by Rethink Events
Opening Keynote: Global Opportunities in the Pursuit of Sustainable Protein Cooperation

Marco Bertacca, CEO, QUORN FOODS

Paying it Forward: Venture Capital and the Future of Protein
  • What exciting new areas of innovation are early-stage investors focused on?
  • How have early-stage evaluations and venture deal flow changed over the last year?
  • What is the appetite for infrastructure or ingredient start-ups as the industry starts to mature, and more shovels and materials are needed for this new gold rush? As the margin is in the end product, how do we finance them?
  • When supporting early-stage start-ups, what assets can VCs bring to the table to give them the highest chance of success?

Session Chair:
Kristen Rocca, Senior Associate, UNOVIS ASSET MANAGEMENT

Sean O’Sullivan, General Managing Partner, SOSV
Costa Yiannoulis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SYNTHESIS CAPTIAL
Susanne Wiegel, Investment Manager Alternative Proteins, NUTRECO
Ali Morrow,

Networking Tables: Sparking Ideas That Catch

Hosted by plenary speakers and others, these are small breakout groups brainstorming solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Hosts include:

  • Creating Recombinant Food-Grade Growth Factors Host: Fengru Lin, Co-Founder and CEO, TURTLETREE
  • No More Mis-Steaks: Optimizing the Multisensory Experience Hosts: Alexander Lamm, Senior Food Technologist, and Iskra Beumer – van den Berg, Key Account Manager Flavors, IFF
  • Industrializing Fermentation Processes for Alternative Proteins Host: Stefan Randl, Vice President Research, Development & Innovation, EVONIK HEALTH CARE
  • Alternative Protein Investment Trends of 2021 Host: Brent Drever, President and Co-Founder, MANNA TREE
  • Successful Fermentation Project Scale Up and Commercialization Host: Chris Biondolilo, Director Bioprocessing, MERRICK & COMPANY
  • Advantages and Challenges of 3D Printed Foods Host: Jonathan Hua, Investor, SCRUM VENTURES
  • Communicating Plant-based in a Flexitarian World Host: Elysabeth Alfano, Plant-based Business Hour Host, Consulting Managing Director, VEGCONOMIST
  • Innovation in Food Regulation: Establishing Workable Standards for Novel Foods Host: Bob Hibbert, Senior Counsel, WILEY and Vince Sewalt, Head of Regulatory Science & Advocacy, IFF
  • Scaling-up Alternative Proteins: Designing a Road Map for Success Host: David Ziskind, Director of Engineering, BLACK & VEATCH NEXT GEN AG
  • Using Culinary Innovation to Create New Foods, Not Mimic Host: Keith Seiz, Ingredient Marketing, CALIFORNIA WALNUT COMMISSION
  • Nutritional and Environmental Benefits of Cultured Meat Host: Shannon Falconer, CEO, BECAUSE ANIMALS
  • Formulation Challenges in Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Host: Dan Kennedy, Global Business Development Director, Plant Based Protein, INGREDION
  • Alternative Proteins: Optimizing for Nutrition Beyond Taste and Texture Host: Anthony Finbow, CEO, EAGLE GENOMICS
  • Precision Fermentation: Designing and Scaling Functional Ingredients Host: Steve Matzke, Senior Manager of Pioneering Innovation, CP KELCO
  • Key R&D Challenges Creating Plant-Based Cheese Host: Takoua Debeche, Chief Research and Innovation Officer, DANONE NORTH AMERICA 
  • Production Methodologies to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality Host: Christie Lagally, Founder and CEO, REBELLYOUS FOODS
  • How to Create a Disruptive New Category Host: Sam Dennigan, Founder and CEO, STRONG ROOTS  
  • Launching Products to QSR and Retail Host: Jerry Gamez, Co-Founder, Board Director
  • Speciality Fats: Changing the Game for Meat and Dairy Alternatives Host: Carlos Alvarez, Chief R&D Officer, ALIANZA TEAM USA
  • There’s a Fly in My Soup: Exploring Options Beyond Plant Protein Hosts: Stephanie Lind, Founder, Mervyn de Souza, Chief Science Officer, ELOHI STRATEGIC ADVISORS
  • How Molecular Farming Can Revolutionize Our Supply Chain Host: Gaston Paladini, CEO, MOOLEC SCIENCE
  • Choosing the Right Investor to Help Scale Up Your Business Hosts: Aurélien Mir, Principal, KHARIS CAPITAL and Maiko van der Meer, Co-Founder, NOVISH
  • From Small to Large Scale Processing of Alternative Protein Products Hosts: Jens Thoernich, Product Manager Plant Based Protein, VEMAG and Karsten Schellhas, Meat and Plant-Based Technologist, REISER
  • Finding the Next Scalable Protein Source Host: Eugene Wang, Co-Founder and CEO, SOPHIE’S BIONUTRIENTS
  • How Novel Texturization Processes are Impacting Meat Analogues Host: George Krintiras, Research Investigator – Proteins, GIVAUDAN
Your Choice of Two Themed Tracks
Technology Innovation
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Reinventing Protein: Opportunities and Challenges with Microbial Fermentation Scale-Up
  • As we plan for mass market production, how is the industry addressing the gap between pilot plants and small to mid-size commercial production (1,000 – 100,000 liters)?
  • What is the incentive for companies to provide this capacity and focus on ‘making the cow’, not the milk? Where should investors deploy their capital to help?
  • How important is building a disaggregated system? What steps do we have to take to consolidate these facilities in a geographically sound way?
  • From contract manufacturing to corporate partnerships to building a bespoke facility – what are the pros and cons of each path to scale up?
  • How is the industry sharing information around cost, efficiency and price parity?

Session Chair:
Sedef Köktentürk, Managing Partner and COO, BLUE HORIZON
Leticia Gonçalves, President, Global Foods, ADM
Lisa Dyson,

Raising the Steaks: Recreating the Experience of Whole-Cuts
  • How close are we to replicating the experience of a steak or chicken breast?
  • What technology currently produces the most life-like, whole-cut products? What are the differences between a product made using biotechnology, compared with a plant-based steak?
  • What scientific advancements have we achieved in protein layering? What challenges still remain when creating the structure of a steak or chicken breast?
  • Can these technologies easily create different textures for different meats, or do we need to look at bespoke solutions for each category?
  • How are we quantifying the true taste of these products? What barriers are preventing us to experience the sensations of eating the real thing?

Session Chair:
Liz Specht, Director of Science and Technology, GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE
Giuseppe Scionti,
Founder and CEO, NOVAMEAT
Tyler Huggins,
Co-Founder and CEO, MEATI FOODS
Michael Selden,
Willem van Weede,

New Perspectives: Solving the Challenges in Producing Cell-Based Meats

Spotlighting emerging companies who are developing solutions to bringing cell-based meats to market.

Jacqui Matthews, Chief Scientific Officer, ROSLIN TECHNOLOGIES
Horacio Acerbo,

Approval and Acceptance
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Global Regulation: Safety, Quality and Approval of Novel Foods
  • How are different geographies tackling the challenge of novel food regulation and keeping up with the pace of innovation in this sector?
  • What are the steps required to gain regulatory approval in different regions? Are there plans for an international harmonization of the safety of these products?
  • What are the trade implications if one region does not agree with another on how food is labelled or produced?
  • Given the world’s focus on vaccine approval, has Covid-19 affected regulatory capacity in the food sector?
  • How are companies deciding which country or region to prioritize? Given the approval of JUST in Singapore, do we expect to see more companies focus on this region over others?

Session Chair:
Deepti Kulkarni, Partner, SIDLEY AUSTIN
Mical Honigfort,
 Regulatory Review Branch Chief, Division of Food Ingredients, Office of Food Additive Safety, FDA
Annie-Laure Robin,
Senior Regulatory Consultant, LEATHERHEAD FOOD RESEARCH
Takis Daskaleros,
Head of Sector – Risk Assessment Unit, THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Chiefs of Marketing: Increasing Adoption Through Storytelling and Unified Communication
  • What is driving people to purchase and eat alternative products? What nuances exist by generation, geography, and other segments? What is fundamentally holding people back?
  • How do we communicate to consumers the use of technology in our food? Specifically, how do we explain products created via precision fermentation or cellular agriculture?
  • What are key parameters when thinking about creating language and stories around new food technology?
  • What does the research tell us about the best ways to describe products – is it cell-based or cultivated meat, plant-based or vegan?
  • How are companies sharing labelling and communication research across the industry? How do we think about collaboration with regulators?

Session Chair:
Sonalie Figueiras, Founder and CEO, GREEN QUEEN and EKOWAREHOUSE

Karuna Rawal, CMO, NATURE’S FYND
Tom Rossmeissl,
 Head of Global Marketing, EAT JUST
Kishan Vasani,
Co-Founder and CEO, SPOONSHOT

Motif FoodWorks Innovation in Action Virtual Tour

A live virtual tour to see innovation in action and how technologies are bringing value to the alternative proteins sector. The tour will include an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the business opportunities being created.

BYOP – Bring Your Own Protein Session

Your chance to connect over food! Bring your favourite plant-based product and grab a seat at a table. Network with other delegates – or choose to be matched 1-1. Make the most of your time by joining multiple tables or meeting individually with as many people as you wish.

Innovation Challenge

In the run up to this year’s summit, Quorn Foods and Roquette each set an innovation challenge for start-ups. Three finalists from each innovation challenge will present their ideas to a panel of Quorn Foods and Roquette judges, who will then come together for a short discussion and follow-up questions before a winner is crowned.

The Quorn Challenge: Technologies Helping to Achieve a Whole Muscle Food Experience

Start-Up Finalists:
Corjan van den Berg, CEO, FUMI INGREDIENTS
Hugh Williams,
VP of Commercial and Corporate Strategy, NOBLEGEN
Martin Habfast,
Head of Partnerships, UMIAMI

Adam Kemsley, Head of New Product Development, QUORN FOODS
Simone Sheehan, Head of Consumer and Sensory Science, QUORN FOODS

The Roquette Challenge: Plant-Based Products Offering New Gastronomic Experiences to the Consumer

Start-Up Finalists:
Sofía Yasky, Food Science & Technology Team Leader, NOTCO
Manuel Palma Astudillo,
CEO and Co-Founder, P&M
Franklin Yao,

Jeremy Burks, Executive Vice President, ROQUETTE

Defining Sustainable: Measuring Alternative Proteins’ Impact at Scale
  • What is the true definition of sustainability?
  • How do CPGs see the growth of their plant-based business impacting sustainability scores, and what are their expectations with regards to resource and energy savings?
  • Is the industry aligning geographically on sustainability targets and are we creating unified standards across the sector?
  • What are the most energy and resource intensive parts of the lifecycle? How are companies and agencies applying this data to the real world?
  • As ESG becomes a prominent investment driver, how are investors analyzing prospective companies’ environmental impact?

Paul Dickinson, Founder and Executive Chair, CDP

Understanding the Science Behind What Makes Meat, Meat


Crystal Ball Session: What Does the Protein Aisle Look Like in 2030?
  • What does the Beyond Meat burger look like 10 years from now?
  • What will be the market split of products created from microbial fermentation, cell-based and plant-based? Will they be working together or separate entities?
  • Do we predict alternative proteins to have surpassed the traditional meat market in terms of sales?
  • As companies explore more localized and decentralized systems, how will our protein supply chain differ from today?

Session Chair:
Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Head of Media and Research, AGFUNDER

Rene Lammers, EVP and Chief R&D Officer, PEPSICO
Ryan Pandya, Co-Founder and CEO, PERFECT DAY
Takoua Debeche, Chief Research & Innovation Officer, DANONE NORTH AMERICA
Xun Wang,
Josh Silverman, 

Fireside Chat: Collaborating to Develop Our Plant Based Ecosystem

A world-leading ingredient innovator and CPG partner discuss the challenges faced today and tomorrow by plant-based food manufacturers, and how their partnership has been key to accelerating their resolution.

Session Chair:
Elysabeth Alfano, Plant-Based Business Hour Host, Consulting Managing Director (North America), VEGCONOMIST

Mike Natale, Global Leader of Plant Based Proteins, INGREDION
Matias Muchnick,
CEO and Founder, NOTCO

Closing Remarks By Rethink Events
Speed Networking and Drinks

Wednesday June 23

Opening Remarks by Rethink Events
Workshop: Scaling Alternative Proteins in Asia

Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) brings together four leading voices to discuss important considerations when launching and scaling an alternative protein venture in Asia. Experts across the value chain from innovator, food processing, investment, and infrastructure companies will exchange insights on what is needed to succeed in this market, whilst taking live questions from the audience.

Session Chair:
Jingxin Zheng, Regional Vice President, Americas, SINGAPORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD
Andre Menezes, Co-Founder and COO, NEXT GEN FOODS
Allyson Fish, President, Global Plant and Alternative Proteins, ADM
Erik Lightner, Vice President & Division Leader, Consumer Products, HASKELL
Geraldine Goh, Director, Enterprise Development Group, TEMASEK


Chef’s Table: Supporting Food Service Partners and Retailers Through Food Design and Culinary Innovation
  • What aspects of food design are important when launching a new product to market?
  • How are brands making their products accessible to chefs and food service providers, from R&D and product development to providing hands-on training?
  • How are chefs creating something that can be replicated at scale by the consumer, empowering them to cook on their own and secure repeat purchase?
  • What new foods are brands, chefs and food service providers using to meet the taste preferences of consumers seeking out new flavors and modern takes on traditional diets?
  • What is the process for launching into a large restaurant chain or retailer? How much product needs to be available and what types of companies are they interested in working with?

Session Chair:
Larissa Zimberoff, Journalist and Author

Chad Sarno, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer, GOOD CATCH
Pinky Cole,
Martyn Lee,
Executive Chef, WAITROSE

Step-Up to the Plate

Three start-ups at the forefront of innovation take part in an interactive lunchtime cook-off followed by a unique ‘kitchen-to-fruition’ panel discussion with Q&A.

Session Chair:
Jet Luckhurst, Start-Up Partnerships Manager, RETHINK EVENTS
Saaya Matsukubo, CMO, NEXT MEATS
Jacek Prus, 
Founder and CEO, KULEANA
Lukas Böni,
Co-Founder, PLANTED

Networking Tables: Sparking Ideas That Catch

Hosted by plenary speakers and others, these are small breakout groups brainstorming solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Hosts include:

  • Development and Scale-up Challenges in Alternative Proteins Host: Simon Norman, Head of Product Development, SAGENTIA INNOVATION
  • COVID’s impact on Food-Tech Investment Host: Jonathan Hua, Investor, SCRUM VENTURES
  • Collaborating Across the Value Chain for Better Plant-Based Products Host: Bill Greuel, CEO, PROTEIN INDUSTRIES CANADA
  • Shifting from Alternative to the ‘Primary’ Source of Protein Host: Jim Thorne, President, NOURISH VENTURES, SVP of Partnerships and Strategy, GRIFFITH FOODS 
  • Regulatory Considerations for Alternative Proteins as Novel Foods Host: Hannah Lester, CEO, PEN & TEC CONSULTING
  • Taking Cell-Based Technologies Mainstream Host: Fengru Lin, Co-Founder and CEO, TURTLETREE
  • Will Plant-based Labeling Be Used As a Greenwashing Tool? Host: Elysabeth Alfano, Plant-based Business Hour Host, Consulting Managing Director, VEGCONOMIST
  • After Pea: New proteins in the plant-based protein market Host: Yadu Dar, Director, Plant Based Proteins Platform, INGREDION
  • Challenges in Scaling Up Dairy Alternatives Host: Lauren McNamara, VP Plant Based Food and Beverages and Aldo Handojo, R&D Manager Ingredients and Healthy Snacks, SUNOPTA
  • Key Considerations for Growth Stage Companies Host: Julianne Hummelberg, Vice President, POWERPLANT VC
  • Consumer Thinking: Willingness to Replace Meats Entirely Host: Maria Mashali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, ALIANZA TEAM USA 
  • Production Methodologies to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality Host: Christie Lagally, Founder and CEO, REBELLYOUS FOODS
  • The Untapped Plant-based Market Bigger than Burgers and Cultured Meat Combined Hosts: Alan Hahn, CEO, and Anthony Clark, CSO, MYCOTECHNOLOGY
  • Creating a More Efficient and Innovative Plant-Based Supply Chain Host: Sam Dennigan, Founder and CEO, STRONG ROOTS
  • Advances in the Developments of Microbes for Use in Future Foods Host: Miller Tran, Co-Founder and VP of Research & Development, TRITON ALGAE INNOVATIONS
  • Launching Products to QSR and Retail Host: Jerry Gamez, Co-Founder, Board Director
  • Key R&D Challenges to Scale Cultivated Meats Host: Susanne Wiegel, Investment Manager Alternative Proteins, NUTRECO 
  • Redefining Plant-Based Meat Host: Julie Post-Smith, Director of Business Development, MOTIF FOODWORKS
  • Alternative Protein Investment Opportunities in Israel Host: Aviv Oren, Business Engagement, GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE ISRAEL
  • Delivering Nutrition Through Reformulation Hosts: Susanna Palatucci, Global Head of Health & Wellness and Luke Grant, Business Development Manager, TATE & LYLE
  • Investment Gaps in Alternative Proteins Host: Darren Streiler, Managing Director Venture Capital, ADM
  • Go-To-Market Strategies for Alternative Protein Companies in Hospitality Host: Frank Anders, Head of Strategy & Financial Planning, NX-FOOD
Your Choice of Two Themed Tracks
Ingredient Innovation
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Optimal Nutrition: Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Plant-Derived Ingredients
  • How can we achieve optimal nutrition without sacrificing experience?
  • What nutritional claims are most important for the consumer? Does the length of the ingredient list matter?
  • How can fermentation play a role in unlocking new ingredient benefits?
  • What technology platforms are allowing companies to make strong protein claims without the use of isolates?
  • What progress has been made to use computational methods to bring functionality down to a chemical sequence or protein shape?
  • Moving past protein, what advancements have been made in offering healthy sources of lipids?

Session Chair
Carole Bingley, Senior Associate and Principal Scientist, RSSL
Ann Begley, Partner, WILEY
Petra Klassen Wigger,
Global Scientific Advisor Nutrition and Health, NESTLE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Plant-Based Ice Cream: When Science Meets Brands
  • How is the plant-based market for ice cream developing?
  • What does the science tell us about creating great tasting plant-based ice cream?
  • What is the role of brands in making plant-based ice cream mainstream?

Matt Close, EVP Global Ice Cream, UNILEVER

Dairy Deep Dive: Accelerating Innovation in Cheese
  • What dairy categories are experiencing the highest rates of growth? Where are the biggest pain points for consumers?
  • What advancements have we made in replicating dairy fats to create the creamy mouthfeel we associate with traditional cheese, whilst remaining healthy and sustainable?
  • How are companies striving to not only replicate the functional properties of dairy proteins like casein, but create additional value? Is it possible to achieve this with plant-based or will we ultimately have to look to a novel solution?
  • Do consumers look for nutritional claims in cheese?

Eric Archambeau, Co-Founder and Partner, ASTANOR VENTURES
Sorosh Tavakoli, Co-Founder and CEO, STOCKELD DREAMERY

From Farm to Factory
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Scaling the Plant Protein Sources of Tomorrow
  • What emerging vegetable proteins currently show the most promise? What are the most important considerations when choosing a protein for your product?
  • Which of these sources have the capability to match the supply of soy or pea, without being shipped vast distances from harvest to processing? How easy are they to scale?
  • How do the benefits, from protein digestibility and concentration to flavor profile, differ between these new plant proteins and other popular sources?
  • What technologies are allowing us to keep the taste and profile of crops consistent from one harvest to the next?

Session Chair:
David Lee, President, APPHARVEST
Keith Seiz, Ingredient Marketing, CALIFORNIA WALNUT COMMISSION
Gabriela Perez-Hernandez,
Director External Partnership, KELLOGG COMPANY
Andrew Spicer,
 Founder and CEO, ALGENUITY
Michael Todd,

Processing and Production: Manufacturing Plant-Based Meat Faster, Cheaper and Better
  • What new production methodologies are allowing us to reduce costs and improve quality?
  • Which technologies have the potential to disrupt extrusion and create new textures and flavors, or extend shelf life?
  • As biological products, what are the challenges associated with replicating the taste and quality of products across different facilities?
  • What benefits does the move away from off-the-shelf meat processing tech bring?
  • What barriers remain for companies looking to adopt large-scale automation?

Christie Lagally, Founder and CEO, REBELLYOUS FOODS

Processing and Production: Ingredient Innovation to Meet Consumer Needs
  • What is the importance of innovation at the ingredient stage?
  • What new technologies are increasing the effectiveness of processing?
  • What are the advantages of producing ingredients with minimal processing, closer to the farmer?
  • How are companies moving beyond a client-supplier relationship in innovation to deliver unique insights?


Business Hours Networking Session

Food brands and investors host multiple networking tables for you to drop in, take a virtual seat, ask your questions and hear their insights. Just grab a seat at a table – or choose to be matched 1-1. Make the most of your time by joining multiple tables or meeting individually with as many people as you wish.

Jumping the Chasm: Democratization of Plant-Based Foods

Session Chair:
Ryan Shadrick Wilson, Senior Advisor, MILKEN INSTITUTE
Pat Brown, Founder and CEO, IMPOSSIBLE FOODS
Questlove, Best-Selling Author, Musician, Investor, Advisor

Look Differently At The Opportunity: Are We Focusing Too Much on Mimicking Meat?
  • Is the sector missing an opportunity by focusing on mimicking existing foods?
  • What do these new innovation opportunities look like and what technology platforms are allowing us to explore them?
  • What partnerships are needed to successfully create new products that deliver new tastes and experiences?

Flavio Garofalo, Global Category Director Savoury Flavours and Natural Ingredients, GIVAUDAN
Paul Lees, Senior Development Chef, GIVAUDAN

Interactive Debate: Are Alternative Proteins the Silver Bullet We Are Looking For?

An interactive debate between experts and attendees around environmental and health benefits associated with alternative proteins.

  • How can we ensure we are filling a demand gap, and not simply adding to the combined total production of farmed meat and meat alternatives?
  • Is publicising cell-based as a solution detrimental to the cause, especially when its purported environmental and health benefits are largely speculative?
  • Are highly processed plant-based products the right way forward?
  • How can we encourage the meat industry to help alternative proteins scale, not wage war on them?

Session Chair:
Arvind Gupta, Partner, MAYFIELD

Max Rye, Chief Strategist, TURTLETREE
Hadar Sutovsky,
VP External Innovation, ICL
Caroline Sorlin,
Plant Based Acceleration Unit General Manager, BEL GROUP
Eugene Wang,

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Start-Up Arena

Four of the most exciting start-ups in cell-based and microbial fermentation present their ideas to our panel of sharks.

Jevan Nagarajah, Co-Founder and CEO, BETTER DAIRY
Brett Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO, MZANSI MEAT
Rebecca Vaught, Founder and President, VAN HERON LABS
Anne Palermo, Founder and CEO, AQUACULTURED FOODS

Samantha Wong, Partner, BLACKBIRD VENURES
Jonathan Berger, 

ESG and Institutional Investment: Providing Growth Financing for a Maturing Sector
  • How is the alternative proteins sector maturing? Can we draw any parallels from the tech industry when the boom happened? What about agtech?
  • When do we expect ESG to become standard practice across the investment industry?
  • What do institutional investors need to see, from growth indicators to capital expenditure, in order for a company to be attractive?
  • How can later-stage investors help companies with their long-term innovation roadmap, and what are the crucial steps in preparing them for exit or IPO?
  • How can shareholders of big corporates and listed companies influence the board and direction of the company, to push positive change from the top down?

Session Chair:
Julianne Hummelberg, Vice President, POWERPLANT VC
Lila Preston, Head of Generation Growth Equity, GENERATION IM
Aarti Ramachandran,
Director, Research & Engagements, FAIRR INITIATIVE
Lily Trager,
 Director of Impact Investing, MORGAN STANLEY
Bay McLaughlin
, Co-Founder, BRINC

Closing Fireside Chat: Building a Sustainable Protein Future

Oliver Katz, Conference Producer, RETHINK EVENTS
Uma Valeti, Founder and CEO, UPSIDE FOODS

Closing Remarks By Rethink Events
Food for the Next Frontier: NASA & CSA Food for Space Workshop

This workshop brings together NASA and CSA scientists and operators to discuss the current state of food production technology for both space and Earth, including the Deep Space Food Challenge – a collaboration between the two space agencies that is calling upon inventors to bring forward novel food production technologies that can benefit both people on Earth and astronauts in space.

Session Chair:
Oliver Katz, Conference Producer, RETHINK EVENTS

Grace Douglas, Lead Scientist – Advanced Food Technology, NASA
Conrad Zeidler, Technical Lead – Deep Space Food Challenge,  CSA
Clélia Cothier, Project Manager – Deep Space Food Challenge, CSA
Ralph Fritsche, Senior Project Manager for Space Crop Production, NASA