Future Food-Tech’s dedicated Alternative Proteins Summit on June 21-22 connected global food leaders to map out the future of protein.

Returning for its second year, Future Food-Tech’s dedicated Alternative Proteins Summit took place in New York to reunite the protein industry to explore new approaches to scaling novel technologies.

The summit not only brought important conversations to the fore in the form of debates, panels and presentations, but also gave attendees the opportunity to taste the future of food. From our iconic Taste Lab, allowing audience members to network with likeminded business leaders whilst trying new products, to our onstage cook-off session Step-Up to the Plate, the event’s marriage of interactive sessions, content-led programing and targeted networking was unmatched.

Identified through extensive research with food brands, start-ups and investors, key themes discussed at the meeting included:

  • Treating Alternative Proteins as a National Security Issue
  • From R&D to Commercial: Turning the Science Project into a Business
  • Improving Fermentation Capacity and Reducing Downstream Costs
  • Cultured Meat: The Importance of Partnerships in Achieving Scale
  • Unicorns, Market Corrections & Private Capital: Financing the Food of the Future
  • Interactive Debate: Will Advances in Novel Foods Make Plant-Based Irrelevant?
  • Harnessing the Biological Activity of Protein to Deliver Health Outcomes
  • Protein in 2050: What Does the Future of Protein Hold?
  • Regulatory Approval of Cultured Meat: Which Country Will be Next?
  • The Effect of Branding and Language on Consumer Adoption
  • Plant Sourcing: The Impact on Carbon, Nutrition and Biodiversity
  • Leveraging the Sensory Properties of Protein to Simulate Animal Meat and Dairy
  • Women Leaders Powering the Future of Food
  • Alternative Proteins Investment Trends and Deal Flow

Thought Leadership

Josh Tetrick, Co-Founder and CEO, EAT JUST

Magi Richani, Founder, NOBELL FOODS

Summit Delegates

Media at the 2022 Summit

2022 Advisory Board

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Future Food-Tech meets three times per year in LondonSan Francisco and New York. Focused on harnessing technology and fostering global collaboration for better food and nutrition, it brings together global food-brands, investors and entrepreneurs to forge new partnerships and accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions and products to meet the growing global demand for safe, traceable, nutritious and delicious foods.

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit is an international networking and deal-making event for global agribusinesses, solution providers, entrepreneurs and investors. Held three times per year in London, São Paulo and San Francisco, the goal of the summit is to accelerate the commercialization of advanced agricultural technologies by generating global partnerships and collaborations.

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit accelerates innovation in animal health and welfare, sustainability, and farm to fork solutions. It meets three times a year, in San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam. And new in 2021, we’ll meet in São Paulo, for South America!

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit focuses on the role of vertical and indoor farming in serving local, regional and national food systems. Held in New York, the summit shares global best practice and looks at advances in AI, automation, lighting, environmental control and plant science that are set to transform these systems.  It connects operators, food brands, technology developers, plant scientists, food buyers, financiers and city planners ready to explore the new opportunities for investment and collaboration to scale this fast-emerging industry.

The Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit in Singapore addresses the most important challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific agri-food system, from supporting the region’s smallholder farmers and building safer supply chains, to new frontiers in alternative proteins, indoor-farming, health and nutrition.

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